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Buy snacks and groceries using your mobile phone.



My role

Principal Designer


CEO, PM, Engineers

What did I do?

I designed a mobile vending machine app. The app was designed on both platforms iOS and Android. With the help of the CEO, it was released in Gyms and Apartment complexes first, then it was rolled out to all public.


KWIK24 is an IoT-enabled snack vending machine that manufactures and designs smart vending machines.

The app must be easy to transact using smart payment systems like Unified Payments Interface, and Credit card only.

Developing the designs

I worked closely with a team of 4 engineers to develop the designs. I also worked with the CEO to fine tune the UI and notifications for the user as the initial prototype had various issues with connectivity.

Results and takeaways

The project was fairly easy to complete. The engineers and the CEO were good with their communication which made it more easier.


The app had a quick adoption curve and users were delighted with purchasing items from a vending machine. Our initial hiccups with various payment platforms went away as soon as UPI was took of in India.

The company was acquired by Bigbasket for an undisclosed amount and before it was sold, we raised $850,000 to launch through out India.

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