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Manage filters

Jira filters are not user and admin friendly.

Jira filters have limited functionality. Ownership of the filter cannot be transferred and filters cannot be shared. The problem morphs into issues of maintenance, clean-up and lack of access. 


Bi-weekly sprints and two weeks to completion.


Product Manager, Lead Developer, Senior Designer


Pain Points

I gathered research insights by interviewing users, going through social media, and support community.

Here's what I found

  1. Users are unable to share filters

  2. Users are unable to edit shared filters

  3. Users duplicate filters every time they want to share

  4. Admins manage filters after employee leaves company

"Agile boards can have multiple owners already, but filters and dashboards can't! "

"We really need this feature. It is a huge headache for us that we have to ask specific people to modify their filters. At minimum, it would be great if at least global/project administrators were allowed to edit any filter regardless of who owns it. "

"Yes it's still so hard to explain our customers why the board can be configured by multiple persons and the underlying board filter can't. This is not a sound product experience."

Problem impact


  1. Owner is the bottleneck

  2. Transfer ownership one by one

  3. Don’t know where filter is used

  4. Too much time spent on task

  5. No Audit logs about change or modification

  6. Can only transfer ownership of filter

  7. Can’t edit or manage filters

  8. Painful to transfer ownership of filter


  1. Can’t edit teams dashboard

  2. Cannot edit someone else’s filter

  3. Teams cannot modify filter without owner

  4. Share is actually view

User Scenarios

First scenario: Owner leaves the organisation then the filters owned by them are abandoned and need to be manually assigned new owners by an admin.

Second scenario: Owner is not available hence other users copy or duplicate filters. Users cannot edit or share the filter only the owner can. Admins can transfer ownership.

Possible Solutions

Group 4.png
Group 2.png
Group 3.png

Pro-Con Analysis


Present Scenario


Design option


Design option

Group 2.png

Design option

Group 2 2.png




What could have been better?

1.  New triad was formed for this project, it took time for the
     team dynamics to set.
2.  Unclear defnition of a bootcamp project meant the Triad had
     a tough time defining the scope for the new engineer.

What went well?

1. Internal testing went well. All users were satisfied with the  
2. The Engineer was able to understand how to work with the
    Triad and Design team.
3. Customer testing went well. All interviewed customers
    reported high levels of satisfaction when testing the  

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