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Re-design the developer portal to make it easier for first time adopters



My role

Principal Designer


PM, Engineers, Data Analyst

What did I do?

I designed the developer portal and contributed to the design system by adding three new components.


PayPal Developer is a platform that provides tools, resources, and APIs for developers to integrate PayPal's payment solutions into their applications and websites. With PayPal Developer, developers can create seamless payment experiences, securely process transactions, and manage customer payments.

For the redesign, I wanted to create a refreshing, minimalist and clean UI that conveyed trustworthiness and progression for developers

Home Page

I visioned a home page which focused on quick scanability and provided detailed insights.


API Credentials

Getting credentials and setting up Webhooks is easy and in one page.


Webhook Events

I wanted to make searching, sorting and filtering through webhooks easy. So developers can easily deep dive into debugging their code.


Developing the designs

I worked closely with a team of 12 engineers to develop the designs. I scoped out tickets for the front-end engineers with user stories and product requirements. I also encouraged the team to develop new API's and components to build a robust system.

Results and takeaways

Working in a large team with a lot of red-tap was an extremely steep learning curve. It was a learning experience that taught me to focus my energy on learning the product and the technical details.

Some key takeaways from this project are:

Focus on building trust with the team and imbibe a culture of Async communication: When working on a large project, invest time not only in craft by also focus on the team factor.

Focus on the larger vision of the product: Early in my journey I was advised to take a step back and look at the larger picture.

View the Prototype

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